June 1, 2018



For the past 8 years I have been working a full-time job whilst doing photography/ editing every weekend, evenings and using most of my annual leave in order to get to this point in my life!


I’ve worked 11 jobs in retail, restaurants, hotels, and offices… But now I’m finally a FULL-TIME SELF-EMPLOYED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!!!


RELM Productions was born in 2010, which turned into RELM Photography in 2015. It’s been on a journey of discovery over the years doing portraits and films for couples, babies, families, musicians, birthdays, weddings, products, concerts, fashion, beauty, hair… The list goes on! I feel like I’ve done it all and I know what I’m good at and what I really enjoy photographing.


I’ve had jobs where I’ve made friends for life, had very difficult managers, colleagues that were hilarious, colleagues that were backstabbers, jobs where work was easy, and some jobs that were so hard I just wanted to walk out. I’ve worked in cities, towns and villages. Let’s just say I’ve done a lot… But I must say, in my last job God has truly blessed me.


Before I got married I was in the worst job of my life. The location and the job was not at all ideal for me, but would have been tolerable had it not been for a small number of people who made it very difficult to work there everyday.

But after I got married I got a new job. And OH MY GOSH! The location, the car park, the building, the job and most importantly THE PEOPLE have been just amazing! Hand’s down this job was handed to me by God! From the moment I started till today, 1st June 2018 (my last day) it’s truly been the best placed I’ve ever worked!


Leaving a secure permanent job to pursue my photography career full-time is a massive leap but that’s what I needed to do in order to make my dream a reality. I fell in love with photography at 16 and now at the age of 27 I am finally going to be my own boss!


It’s crazy when I think about how many years I’ve saved and budgeted in order to build up my equipment – a lot people would have used that money to put down a deposit on a house, have a trendy wardrobe or go on numerous holidays but those things mean nothing to me if I’m waking up everyday to a job that has nothing to do with my passion. I’m so blessed to have parents who saw my passion and encouraged me to go for my dreams and not settle for the obvious.


Despite what everyone at college was telling me, even some of my friends, I made the decision not to go to university. I didn’t see the point in studying for 3 years, probably loosing the passion I had for media, getting into debt and then coming out with the same qualification as thousands of other people all over the country. I decided it would be better to get a job with regular income and practice my photography in my spare time as I wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted to be in terms of my skills. Now in 2018 RELM Photography specialises in wedding, fashion and maternity photography and I have the confidence that only years of real life experiences can provide.


As well as things are, at the moment, I do still obviously desire to have constant clients, now more than ever! So if you also believe in my dream, want to see me exceed expectations or are just simply a fan of my work, please do use your voice to spread the word about RELM Photography. If you have a family member, relative, friend, friend of a friend colleague, classmate, pet (hehe) that is looking for a wedding photographer please share my Facebook page, Instagram, business card or email with them. If you hear that someone is expecting a baby, offer them a RELM Photography shoot as a gift. If you know a designer who needs to get professional photos for their portfolio give them the link to the RELM Photography website.


Word of mouth is such a powerful way to boost business!






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June 1, 2018

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