About Me

Hey, I’m Rhondell... and I am RELM Photography!

When I was a teenager and first started doing photography, I was trying to be original and was struggling to come up with something. Then I thought I would use all the first letters of my full name… Rhondell Elisabeth Lois Morris. Morris was my Maiden name but there’s no point in changing my business name now! 

I got married in 2017 and obtained an even deeper appreciation and respect for wedding photography once I received my own photos, which has really been a great help within my business. 

I‘ve now got over 10 years of photography experience and became a full-time photographer in 2018. 

Being able to document an amazing time in someone’s journey of life means the world to me!



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"I have used RELM Photography for around 4 years & I've been extremely happy with the professionalism & the quality is excellent. What I love most is Rhondell's desire to make the customer happy & the response time via email is always fast & reliable. I was honoured to use RELM for my debut EP cover & I've received such positive feedback from industry professionals about the quality of my photo's. I would highly recommend her services for any occasion as i'm sure she'll do her best to meet your needs."

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