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The Wedding Experience


If you would describe yourself as easy going, passionate but a little camera-shy and you're after lots of romantic wedding photographs you can be proud of, however you're also a little awkward and the only photos you have with your partner are selfies... I don't mean to brag but you should probably book with me...

I've seen it all and experienced it first hand too... I've of course attended countless weddings as a guest, shot my first wedding in 2011, I was a bridesmaid in 2013 and I became a bride in February 2017. Seeing a wedding from all these different angles definitely gives me a bit of an edge when it comes to being a wedding photographer. Lot's of people experience wedding jitters, not about their partner but about all the attention they are going to get for the entire day (God knows I did). From the start of the day until the end I make sure you know you're in safe hands!

A successful wedding starts with knowing what to expect - I will let you know how to realistically plan for your special day by using timelines which include tips for you and your bridal party like: Practicing your first kiss, ensuring bridesmaids/ groomsmen do not rush down the aisle and that there is a good space between them. Also my style is documentary so there's no need to look at me during the day other than when I am posing you for your group and private photos - I want you to be present and in the moment for your special day 

I don't mind an awkward couple either, I've got lots of tricks to get you laughing and I promise no one will be able to tell you were nervous when they look back at your newlywed portraits! With me, your wedding experience will be fun, romantic, and best of all, stress-free!

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I'm sure you're researching lots of photographers during this part of your wedding planning and you might be asking yourself, "Why should I hire you over the other Photographer?" That's a great question. The other Photographer and I may have similar styles, but here's why I stand out above others:

I Make Being In Front Of The Camera Comfortable : If there's one thing I've heard A LOT over the years it's that I make my couples feel comfortable and confident while being photographed. All start off saying, "We're bad at taking photos," or "I'm not photogenic" and by the end of the day, they are posing themselves or have forgotten I'm even there!

"Rhon is an absolute star behind the camera! We have so many pics that are completely phenomenal ! She put us at ease and trooped all through the hottest day in the year. Jumping about to get laughing candid shots and making everyone feel so comfortable. The editing is second to none and we definitely recommend her to all our friends looking for a photographer!" - Nigel & Beth

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